Divorce Help Articles
Divorce Help Articles
Quick Question
If you are considering divorce/separation, what stage are you at?


We offer a range of listing options so please talk to us about your needs

and we are confident we will be able to accommodate your listing preferences.
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  About your Listing:


Advertising Material Specifications
Divorce Directory Australia – i-dont.com.au website

Banner Ad
The Banner Ad is seen at the lower right hand corner of the page on the i-dont.com.au

When people click on the ad, they are directed to the Advertiser's Listing showing the

advertiser’s Logo, web address, physical address, phone number, and map.

Advertisers describe the services they offer on this page.

The Banner Ad is to be 300 pixels wide, and 250 pixels tall, preferably in .jpg format

It is to have: 

  • the Business Name
  • a Power Phrase
  • no address, phone number etc – this information is provided on the Advertiser Page


The Logo is to be 100 pixels wide x 100 pixels tall, preferably in .jpg format

Written Material

There is a “Short Content” Section, which allows for a maximum of 500 characters.  An
 introduction about what makes the business unique, (for example.)

And a “Long Content” Section which allows for a maximum of 1,200 characters.  More
in-depth information about the business and services offered, (for example.)

There is no need to supply a Map, as we provide this.

Examples of what the Advertiser Pages look like, can be found by clicking on any of the

Banner Ads, on the lower Right Hand Corner of the Home Page.

Please call us if you have any further queries


02 6247 4899


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