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Separation is a huge step.  Sometimes, while dealing with the big issues, little things are left behind.  Doing the right thing in small ways can make for an easier transition to living separately and also build some goodwill.  Sometimes the small things can jeopardise agreement being reached. 
When formulating a negotiation strategy, it is important to have clarity about your immediate goals and short term goals, some idea about your immediate term goals and a sense of your longer term goals.
You will feel like there are hundred things going though your mind as you start thinking about property settlement, child custody and support. How to pick a family lawyer...
Separation is a huge step. Sometimes, while dealing with the big issues, little things are left behind. Doing the right thing in small ways can make for an easier transition to living separately and also build some goodwill.
If you and your spouse have been separated for 12 months, you are entitled to apply for a Divorce through the Federal Magistrates Court. If you are separated but still living 'under one roof'...
Often parties in dispute over children or property will be reluctant to attend court. For both married and de facto couples, agreements as to the division of assets need to be formalised to ensure that they are binding
A Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) most commonly is created to identify property brought into a relationship and to organise the distribution of property (including superannuation,) if a couple separate
More and more people want to have a """"do it yourself divorce"""" settlement - that is, negotiate directly with their former partner instead of through lawyers or the courts. Here are some practical divorce negotiation tips to help you start your negotiations
The role of a homemaker is not necessarily seen as valueless under the family law jurisdiction. The Court is likely to look at the contributions of both parties, financial and otherwise, in deciding what each party is entitled to.
The i-dont Divorce Checklist can help you consider the various issues you may need to deal with. From Legal, Financial, Counselling and many other considerations. To download the pdf, click the link...
Links to Government websites and assistance for Australian's dealing with separation and divorce.
Need to take care of issues relating to your children or grandchildren? These are some of the issues a lawyer can help you with
A conflict of interest can arise where a solicitor acting for one party has had previous ''dealings'' with the other party (the second party.) The concern that arises is that..
Issues such as: Children's living arrangements; Occupation of the matrimonial home; Interim spouse maintenance; Injunctions to protect property.

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