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Shared Parenting

There are many different aspects to the new shared parenting laws that are now in force. The process of parenting is difficult enough, you need to minimise any negative effects on your children. Here are a growing range of parenting-specific articles to help you
Dispelling some urban myths. The bottom line on Child Support is - Every parent has an obligation to provide for the support of their child. Your child is still your child. He/she still needs to eat, have clothes, go to school and generally be looked after. All of this takes money, which parents have to provide.
Whether to have limited wording in a court order or a detailed court order is often the dilemma separated parents face when looking to document the arrangements for their children.
Often a parent will be concerned about sending their children to school where there is a dispute over the childrens' living arrangements. This is a common problem following separation.
Under the Child Support (Assessment) Act, the primary carer of the child or children can make a claim for child support from the other parent...
The breakdown of a relationship can be even more distressing when one parent is told that the children will not spend time with them.
Sometimes, sadly, separated parents have trouble even seeing, let alone speaking, to each other. This makes contact changeover times very stressful for all, but especially for the children.
A Family Court ruling has prevented a 41-year-old mother from moving her child from Queensland to NSW...
Families in Australia are under pressure and divorce rates are high. These rates climb to over 50% for second marriages.
The i-dont Divorce Checklist can help you consider the various issues you may need to deal with. From Legal, Financial, Counselling and many other considerations. To download the pdf, click the link...
Without any court orders and usually with court orders (unless it is determined by the court that it is not in the best interests of the children), both parents have joint parental responsibility.
In 2006, the Federal Government changed the Family Law Act to introduce a change in the way children's cases were determined. The changes move away from traditional concepts...
5 best tips to get the most out of your Family Law Mediation (or, alternative dispute resolution)
Sometimes parents feel overwhelmed by the distance and query if it is worth it - would the child be better off to just cut all ties? There are plenty of studies that say they would not be better off. Children have the right to know and be cared for by both parents. Hang in there.
Parenting plans can include agreements on child maintenance payments, special needs, family values, effective communication, parenting styles, blending families, new partners and any issues that matter to the parents and children.
There are particular challenges when parents separate during pregnancy, or when the children are babies or toddlers.
Is it possible to relocate my children given the current changes to the Family Law Act 1975
It is in the best interests of children to have a close relationship with both of their parents and significant members of their family. However, the safety of the children will override the importance of those relationships. Andersons Solicitors
Christmas is supposed to be about making enjoyable and memorable experiences for families and especially for children. Unfortunately though, for separated families Christmas can be an especially difficult time. Parents may have agreed to share time in the school holidays but forgot to specifically negotiate special holidays such as Christmas.

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